How Debra went from a burned-out photographer making $300 per client to 
averaging $2,200 per client.

The secret to winning over everyone who tells you that you HAVE to give digitals to succeed - family, past clients and friends included.

The little-known “golden strategy” Debra added to her client ordering appointments so she has more time to spend with her family.

I’m the Momma in Chief of 3 kiddos, one of the America’s Most Profitable Photographers, and a Central Illinois local (yes, I live in the middle of a cornfield).

For 15 years, I’ve taught photographers like Debra how to: 
  • Ditch the digital files and offer wall art
  • ​Find clients who invest thousands of dollars per session in photos
  • ​Work fewer hours than a typical 9-5 so you can always make family your priority
So pull up a seat and join me for this free class so I can show you how to do it, too.
And from a cornfield in the Midwest I grew the photography business I opened just 2 weeks after 9-11 into one of the few the Professional Photographers of America named one of THE most profitable.

And I did it all with 3 babies under my feet.

This class is about sustaining a photography business when the economy isn’t good.

So whether you’re stuck in a job you need to say goodbye to… 

A parent who wants a career that protects your family financially… 

Or have a passion for photography and you want to see where it can take you… 

This class is for you. 
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