The Photography Business Institute® is an online school based in the United States.
The Photography Business Institute provides focused, business education, coaching and certification programs designed to help professional portrait photographers build a sustainable, profitable career.
In addition to the CBP Certified Boutique Photographer® program, the Photography Business Institute offers start-up programs for photographers new to the business of portrait photography as well as online business workshops. Students from all over the world have access to our photography business programs which are delivered online in cohort format.
Struggling to break through in your career as a boutique portrait photographer? Photography Business Institute’s Boutique Breakthrough 2.0 online workshop is where to begin. The focus of this course is to gain a basic understanding of a profitable pricing structure, sales process and marketing activities required to set up a boutique portrait photography business. Downloadable marketing templates and course materials are included.

Four cohorts begin each year of this 8-week online workshop. Students meet three times per week with video lessons and group coaching lessons. Course instructor is MBA and Professional Photographers of America Certified Professional Photographer, Sarah Petty, who was also named America’s Most Profitable.

Course Modules: 

Module 1: Legal and Branding
Module 2: Finding Your What and Why
Module 3: Picking Your Products & Pricing
Module 4: Price List Critique
Module 5: Preparing and Ordering Samples
Module 6: Mastering the Client Inquiry
Module 7: Marketing Your Boutique Photography Business
Module 8: The Boutique In-Person Consultation & Photographing to Sell
Module 9: Building Your Boutique In-Person Sales Presentation
Module 10: Giving the Boutique In-Person Sales Presentation to a Client
Module 11: The Client Pick Up of Finished Artwork & Referral 


This course is ideal for someone who wishes to set up a profitable professional portrait photography business following the boutique business model. No existing portfolio or business experience is required for admission. 
Want to be recognized among the best boutique photographers in the world? Photography Business Institute’s Certified Boutique Photographer program goes beyond measuring your knowledge of the craft of photography and includes a thorough evaluation of your business practices, client experience and marketing materials and activities by our team of certified experts.
This self-paced certification program is designed to be a comprehensive qualification in the boutique portrait photography business and includes a rigorous testing and qualification process. Students have one year to complete their certification from the date they enroll. Certification courses include a variety of in-person and online curricula with audio and video lessons, as well as live group coaching lessons. 

Certification Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements in a 12 month period to attain certification. 
  • Pass Image Critique
  • Obtain Professional Product Samples
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery of What & Why Curriculum 
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery of the Client Booking Process
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery of the Boutique In Person Consultation Process
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery of the Boutique In-person sales Process
  • ​Achieve $10,000 Gross Minimum Income from Boutique Portrait Clients
  • ​Achieve a Minimum of One $1,000 Client Portrait Order
  • ​Complete a Logo and Use it Consistently Across all Client Touchpoints
  • ​Demonstrate Usage of a Professional Business Portrait
  • ​Create and Pass Evaluation of a Boutique Portrait Business Website
  • Master Client Buyer Styles Curriculum
  • ​Complete Room Layouts and Master How to Use with a Client
  • ​Join and Attend Community Networking Groups
  • ​Complete an Auction Display and Participate in Local Silent Auctions
  • ​Master Creation and Submission of Press Releases to Local Media
  • ​Complete 10 Sessions & 10 Corresponding Boutique In Person Sales Presentations
  • ​Create and Print an Establishing Marketing Piece
  • ​Create and Print Template of Physical Marketing Piece for Notes of Joy
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery of Video Notes of Joy Marketing Activity
  • ​Raise $1,000 for Charity of Student’s Choosing Through Charitable Marketing Community Fundraising Portrait Activity
  • ​Demonstrate Mastery through Final Examination Essay


This course requires graduation from Boutique Breakthrough 2.0 as a prerequisite for admission, including a portrait photography portfolio that meets our minimum qualification standards.  

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